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How to change android architecture for which android apk is created?

  • Hi,
    I've got a problem, that apk builder architecture and my emulator architecture don't match. I use x86 architecture on android emulator, and when trying to deploy app on it I get INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS
    So there's my question. Where I could change the ABI that is used for building apk?

  • I think it is Projects -> Android... Build -> Build Android APK, then the Details button.

  • I don't see any option for that in Build Android APK :/

  • Sorry, I misread the subject line and haven't looked up that error message.
    Most likely your Android emulator is not an x86 version.

  • Unfortunately my android emulator is indeed x86.

  • So, what else coulde make it to fail?

  • I don't know. My error is like I said INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS I'm using x86 android 10 emulator that was created through avd manager in android studio.

  • This error says that the platforms are not compatible. Because you're sure you've built for the emulator's CPU could it be an issue with 32 or 64 bit? If the emulator is x86 32 bit and you built for x86 64 you'd receive that error too.

  • Unfortunately I tried with x86_64 but it still doesn't work

  • You've tried what exactly?

  • Hi @Arko,
    I think it's easier if I give you an example to run an app in simulator.
    First, I have project setting like this:
    Screenshot from 2020-05-12 08-45-27.png
    This means I choos x86 as apk output architecture.
    Then when try to run my project, the device selection with be shown, just choose the correct architecture, as below I have 2 devices match with setting, just choosr 1 one. Then APK will work fine.
    Screenshot from 2020-05-12 08-48-29.png
    My system info: Ubuntu 18.04, Qt 5.14.1.

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