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[SOLVED] QML: how to remove dreadful default toolbar from the bottom of the screen on N950

  • Hi all,

    On my previous (first) app for N950 I was able to hide the empty toolbar that is displayed by default on the bottom of the screen by calling QmlApplicationViewer/QDeclarativeView/QWidget::showFullScreen() instead of show(); This would hide both the status toolbar at the top and the bottom toolbar;
    Now I need to show the status toolbar but hide/remove/destroy/nuke the default empty toolbar at the bottom which I don't need. I googled for 3 hours; I tried replacing my main.qml file which before was a Rectangle with:

    @import QtQuick 1.1
    import 1.0

    PageStackWindow {
    id: appWindow;
    initialPage: mainPage
    MainPage {
    id: mainPage
    showToolBar: false

    and MainPage.qml now has the contents of the old main.qml but it's now derived from Page;

    This doesn't work; I can NOT get rid of the dreadful toolbar; IT'S STILL THERE !
    I know the solution should be simple, but if after 3 hours of google-ing for it I couldn't find it, it means it's really well hidden (unlike the toolbar :D ).

    Thanks & regards,

  • May be a silly idea, bear with this, why not select (I guess it may be selectable) the *toolbar in Design view *and delete it?.

  • I am not sure, but this could work:

    @showStatusBar: false@

  • To remove the toolbar of a native MeeGo Harmattan application do the following steps:

    • Disable the visibility of the toolbar at the main qml file and delete the menu
      ToolBarLayout {
      id: commonTools
      visible: false

    • Disable tool on you page
      Page {
      tools: null

    That's it! I''ll create a wiki article about this issue too :)

  • This link to this discussion which contains a solution for a Qt/C++ app might be useful:

  • [quote author="yalnte" date="1333490268"]This link to this discussion which contains a solution for a Qt/C++ app might be useful:[/quote]

    Thanks for sharing the Qt/C++ solution! It is nice, simple and really useful :)

  • Thanks to all for your help.

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