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Can we upgrade the chromium version in QT ?

  • Hello I am displaying a web page which has some css tiling(Columns) feature using the Qt WebEngineView.

    For QT 5.7 (Chromium version 49.0.2623.111 ) : All the tiles shrink into 1 column i.e the web page is not displayed properly.

    For Qt 5.14.2 (Chromium version 77.0.3865) : All looks well. All the tiles are properly visible.

    I suspect the version of chromium is old in QT 5.7.

    Can we upgrade only the version of chrome for Qt 5.7 ? Or any other suggestion so that we don't need to upgrade Qt 5.7



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    You can try compiling the web engine module from a higher version with your 5.7. It may work.

    (but really, you absolutely should update Qt to a newer version. Many security fixes have been released since Qt 5.7. Same goes for Chromium)

  • @sierdzio Thank you
    Upgrading from Qt 5.7 is the ultimate solution and is much in need.
    How can we upgrade only the web engine module to a higher version. Any links ?

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    you get the latest release from the module from the repository

    run qmake from your 5.7 installation on that project, run make and make-install

    don't forget to constantly pray!

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