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pyside2-rcc missing from maya, and if possible from outside what exactly to do?

  • hello all,
    @mrjj had mentioned me once about qresources in one of my queries and i got a chance to look into it but when i started working on the process
    i noticed maya(2018) folder does not have the pyside-rcc file. so i browsed but did not get any success
    Is this an error or bug or any update is there that i need to download can you let me know.

    and the second part is, is there any alternative besides maya pyside-rcc, but not pyrcc4 as i have made the tool for maya which consists of pyside2 so any workaround will be a huge help

    Thank You.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    The bug question should rather be asked to the Maya folks.

    One way could be to I install the same PySide2 version as Maya uses in a virtual environment and use the pyside2-rcc version from there.

  • I read on couple of forums and pyside2 5.13 is stable and currently 5.14 is provided for pip install, so which one should i prefer?

    currently i am using pyside2 maya2018 and python2.7 as the graphics fields have not yet updated to python3
    so when i try to pip install or pycharm install i get the below error
    ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement PySide2 (from versions: none)
    ERROR: No matching distribution found for PySide2

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    As I suggested, use a virtual environment, not the version from maya. In any case, you should be safe using the latest version of pyside2-rcc since it will generate standard python code.

  • pyside-rcc worked for me fine

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