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How to run a QTWayland compositor from tty terminal without x11

  • I have been working on a qml based wayland compositor and i'm able to run it from my desktop. but when i try to run it from a terminal session it shows some error.

    so after googleing some stuff i figured out a way to run it using eglfs.
    like :

    ./mycompositor -platform eglfs

    but i'm confused that will it affect the perfomance of my compositor if i run it under eglfs.

    is there any way to start my compositor by itself without any platform support.
    i've see weston starts from terminal by just typing


    in terminal

    please help me to figure out a way for this.

    note: i don't want to run my compositor under any paltform like xcb.i have to run it with the help of direct wayland

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I haven't used that module but from instinct I would say that you should use the wayland qpa.

    You can find some more information on this wiki page.

  • @SGaist said in How to run a QTWayland compositor from tty terminal without x11:

    wayland qpa

    ya i have seen this,

    export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland

    by doing this we can run qtwayland client apps on top of any other like x11. but what i need is to run the compositor(server) from the terminal without having any platform like x11.

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    I think I may have misunderstood your issue.

    AFAIU, weston will try to select something based on what is available, you should check it for what is available to it and using.

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