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QProcess with powershell command still running

  • I have a big problem with QProcess ( I use Qt c++ ). I need to execute a command with admin permissions ( windows 7 ) - netsh - I have to add exception to my firewall.

    proc->start("powershell",QStringList()<<"-Command"<<"Start-Process"<<"powershell.exe"<<"-Verb"<<"runas"<<"-ArgumentList"<<R"('here is netsh command')");
    When I execute my program I see only "before". What can I do? I check my netsh command in powershell - it's good. Command is still running ( I waited 3 minutes ).

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    @TomNow99 said in QProcess with powershell command still running:

    I check my netsh command in powershell - it's good

    Do you have to authenticate yourself as admin in this case?
    My guess is that the command is simply waiting for admin credentials.

  • @jsulm Thank you for answer.

    When I run this code I get a system window "user account control". When I Click accept I wait.... , when I click reject I wait.... When I close that window I wait...

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    @TomNow99 I was actually talking about executing this command manually in powershell

  • @jsulm When I go to powershell ( no QT ) I can run this command ( netsh ). I work in my private pc, so I have only one account (main account ). When I execute this command in powershell I don't have to write password or something like that. I run this command and it's done. When I go to cmd and run this command I get message "execute as admin".

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    @TomNow99 You should connect slots to and and print nout what you get. But to do so you have to remove your blocking


    Also and signals can provide more information.

  • @jsulm

    I delete line: "proc->waitForFinished(-1);"

    and I add slots:

    void MainWindow::finishedslot(int p)
    void MainWindow::stateChangedslot(QProcess::ProcessState state)

    void MainWindow::readyReadStandardErrorslot()
    QString stdOutput = proc->readAllStandardError();

    void MainWindow::readyReadStandardOutputslot()
    QString stdOutput = proc->readAllStandardOutput();

    void MainWindow::errorOccurredslot(QProcess::ProcessError error)

    Now I see informations:

    And nothing more.

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    @TomNow99 said in QProcess with powershell command still running:

    and I add slots

    Just to be sure: you connected all of them to the related signals?

  • @jsulm Yes. When I bad connect signal and slot I see information below in QT. Here are my connects:

    connect(proc, SIGNAL(finished(int)), this, SLOT(finishedslot(int)));
    connect(proc, SIGNAL(stateChanged(QProcess::ProcessState)), this, SLOT(stateChangedslot(QProcess::ProcessState)));
    connect(proc, SIGNAL(readyReadStandardError()), this, SLOT(readyReadStandardErrorslot()));
    connect(proc, SIGNAL(readyReadStandardOutput()), this, SLOT(readyReadStandardOutputslot()));
    connect(proc, SIGNAL(errorOccurred(QProcess::ProcessError)), this, SLOT(errorOccurredslot(QProcess::ProcessError)));

    I connect them before proc->start().

    When I wrote script .bat, which have only 3 commands:

    @echo off
    powershell -Command "& {Start-Process powershell.exe -Verb runas -ArgumentList 'netsh command here'}"
    exit 0

    And I run it in QT (proc->start(script.bat)) I have the same problem. But when I delete the line with powershell command:

    @echo off
    exit 0

    I get message in Qt that script is done.

  • @jsulm When I change powershell command in QT ( or in .bat script ) to:

    ( in QT ):
    proc->start("powershell",QStringList()<<"-Command"<<"Start-Process"<<"powershell.exe"<<"-ArgumentList"<<R"('echo 4')");

    I still don't get information that proc is finished.

    Can you run this code in your computer?

  • The problem might be that you have two nested calls to PowerShell without exiting them. A quick search shows people reporting the inner PowerShell call (with -Verb runas) keeps the console window open. So, instead of the netsh command you might want to provide a script that has the netsh command and an exit. Or maybe you can concatenate the two directly in the -ArgumentList (I don't have much experience with PowerShell, but in Linux I could separate commands with a semicolon).

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