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How can I target Android x86 using Qt5.14.2?

  • I've noticed that the latest version of Qt (5.14.2) has integrated all the Android platforms in one bundle so I can see Android x86, x64, armeabi, armeabi-b...

    Now in my Qt-Creator I don't know how to target x86 platform because I am using an AVD emulator because the fact that AVD runs faster on x86 platforms rather than on arm ones.

    • Because i've searched too much and didn't find the solution I've installed the version Qt5.13 which has multiple versions so I can select x86.

    I know that my workaround is not a good thing but I've just solved my instant problem.

    • So How can I configure Qt5.14.2 for Android x86?

    I am using Qt5.14.2 on Linux fedora fc31_x86_x64. Thank you!

  • @Raindrop7 ,
    If you just want to build for x86, tick it in project setting, like this:
    Screenshot from 2020-05-04 08-40-04.png

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