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Qwt PlotCurve does not apply as "Line"

  • Hello human,

    I try to create a simple sinus Line with qwt into a QwtPlot.

    My problem is, that I don't get the line out of the samples I save in my QwtPlotCurve. As far as I understand the documentation I have to call setStyle(QwtPlotCurve::Lines) to connect the samples to a curve but it doesn't work for me.

    I am new in c++ and qt so maybe anyone can answer this. probably something simple but I couldn't find out for hours....

    Here's the relevant code. before I call replot() at the end I check for the style and its ture...!

       xData = new double[(int)plot_r->axisScaleDiv(2).upperBound()];
        yData = new double[(int)plot_r->axisScaleDiv(2).upperBound()];
        curve_rotor = new QwtPlotCurve("Rotor");
        QwtSymbol *sym=new QwtSymbol(QwtSymbol::Ellipse,QBrush(Qt::white),QPen(Qt::white),QSize(1,1));
        curve_rotor->setRenderHint( QwtPlotItem::RenderAntialiased, true );
        for(int i = 0; i < (int)plot_r->axisScaleDiv(2).upperBound(); i++)
            xData[i] = i;
            yData[i] = 400 * sin(2*M_PI*50*i*0.001);
        curve_rotor->setSamples(xData, yData, (int)plot_r->axisScaleDiv(2).upperBound());
        if(curve_rotor->style() == QwtPlotCurve::Lines)
            std::cout <<" Yes it is" << std::endl;

    How it looks at the moment:
    alt text

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    Can you provide a complete minimal buildable example ?
    That will make things easier for people to help you.

  • The default curve line pen is black - guess you simply don't see the lines because you don't see black lines on a black canvas.

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