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Migrating QtCanvas3d into Qt5.14.2 MinGW

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to migrate an old project to run it under the Qt 5.14 MinGW version. The stone I found in this new Qt version is that the QtCanvas3D module is deprected or not available anymore... There's quite a lot of info and nice examples about rendering 3D models, but the most interesting module "Qt3D" examples are all crashing, so I tried other solutions without sucess...

    So the reason why I write you here is to follow some recomendation about what's best to do now considering all this, basically my only target is to create a widget where I can load a 3d model (in the old project I was using a *.js model format) and rotate it, as simple as that.

    About the Qt3D examples crashing, Does it mean the module is not working in the Qt 5.14 mingw?

    My original project was done in Linux with a Qt 5.5 version and now is Qt 5.14 on windows 7 (64bit).

    Any suggestion to follow?

    Many thanks in advance,

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Deprecated does not mean dead, you can still build the module if it's not available with the installer.

    As for Qt3D crashing, it might be related to your graphics stack.

  • Ok, but the module appears like deprecated on earlier versions like 5.12 (I might be wrong with the exact version) but on 5.14 (the one I use) it does not even appear on the modules list.

    Can it still be used?

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    I forgot it was already at 5.12. Well, you can still clone the repository and build it.

  • Ok, I will try!


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