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Bluetooth on Android lagging (RFCOMM Prot. based on BT-Chat Example)

  • Hello there -

    my issue is kind of specific so, if there is no solution findable, that´s ok.

    I have an App with a bluetooth connection based on the BT-Chat Example using the RFCOMM Protocoll and connects to a HC-06.
    In principle it works, but there are "human-noticable" laggs at least on incomming datas until they arrive in the application. They are send every 20ms and are 30 bytes long.
    I checked the application by running it on desktop and hook up the data source/sink which is connected to the HC-06 to a Virtual-Com-Port which works without lag.
    So the issue isn´t inside the data source/sink.

    Does someoe have an idea? May be it´s due to the protocoll, or an Android / Scheduler-thing...?

    best regards,

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    @Flaming-Moe don't know if this is relevant, but in most cases where I connected via BT SPP each data package is max 20 Bytes long

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