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Classes organisation - general good practices

  • Hi all, It's the first time I am coding a desktop application.
    I have a few questions about general good practices.
    I want to separate my main window in 3 subparts. On the left, I will have a QTableview. In the center, I will have a form with the details of the selected row of the left part, and on the right I will have a QDialogButtonBox related to the central part.

    I Am quite afraid to code the entire window in the cpp file for the main window as I think there will be a lot of widgets (so I think the file will be very long and maybe not easy to maintain). I am wondering how I should split it, and what should be a dedicated class.

    Is it a good idea to create a separate class for each part of the main window even though they will be connected with a dataMapper? Shall I put everything in a big file?

    Apart from that I will put everything that interacts with the database in a dedicated class.
    Any good practice recommendations to avoid having a unreadable code?

    Also on the database handling. Is it better to create big models that will hold the entire tables (I have 3 main tables) and then filter them out with a proxy model, or shall I create multiple individual lighter requests?

    Thank you

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    Go with the usual: single responsibility. If a widget shall handle a particular aspect then keep it separated with a clean API so can also make it testable.

    For the models, it will highly depend on what you want to access and how you need to interact with it.

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