FLex including <iostream.h>

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    I've tried to use FLex with Qt, but FLex generated file insist to inlude <iostream.h>. Qt recognize only <iostream>. How do I get around this problem? Seems that <iostream> and <iostream.h> are two different files.


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    @_ove_ said in FLex including <iostream.h>:

    Qt recognize only <iostream>

    It's compiler, not Qt.
    What compiler do you use?

  • @_ove_ Hey, how r u doing? To keep flex and bison files out of project and source control. Generate the C source files and add it to project. Add flex and bison files to project, but run flex and bison commands separately. Integrate properly with IDE (Qt Creator on Ubuntu 12.04) and source control, so that when I build the flex and bison is called to generate lexer and parser. I obviously want third option, but have no idea how to do it. Please suggest the best option and the way to do it.

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