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"Preparing meta information download" takes hours

  • Hello all
    I'm trying to update my components, but the management tool is "preparing meta information download" hor hours, litrally. I have now waited for 50 minutes. Does anybody know why?
    QT Creator v. 4.11.1, based on Qt 5.14.1 (MSVC 2017, 32 bit)
    on Windows 7


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You might be hitting a faulty mirror. Did you try to change it ?

  • Thank you for responding.
    I have no tried to add a new repository, http://download.qt.io/online/qt5/windows/x86/online_repository/
    Did not seem to help. Since the maintenance tool hangs on "preparing meta information download" it seems like the download hasn't started yet. Could it be the maintenance tool itself that is faulty? Is it possible to download a new version from somwere?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You can launch the online installer to see if it is also acting up.

  • I finally was able to update the maintenance tool. After a hour or so, the tool timed out, and prompted me to update. So now it coms up with a bunch of default repositories. However, it still seems to hang with "Preparing meta information download ...". Have waited for 15 minutes so far.
    Do you have an URL for the proper online installer (Windows 7, x64)? Just to make shure I don't mess things up even more.


  • It finally works. I just had to wait approx. 15 minutes, then the download started. The update worked like charm. I tried the maintenance tool again after the update, and now it works fine.
    Thanks for your help.

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