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Newbie needs static compile assistance

  • I began learning Qt about 3 weeks ago, and I am totally self-taught. I have managed to negotiate Qt Creator, and have developed a fairly (for me) complicated program which works really well! I am using Qt 5.14.1, and the MinGW 64-bit compile kit version 7.3.0, the opensource package. So I am at the point where I want to run this program on another computer, and I understand I need a second version of Qt, compiled for static development. So I found instructions here:, and I followed them. Unfortunately the compile process ended with errors, and I did not document what they were. But now I have lots of stuff in the \Qt\static folder, and I can't seem to use them. So I am hoping for some advice about what to do next. Should I attempt to reinstall the static version? If so, should I remove the existing static residue first? And if so, how do I do that? I am hoping to get a static version I can employ from Qt Creator. I keep thinking that it should not be s...\o hard to do this. But I am a newbie, and I realize there is lots I don't yet understand which probably would make this process seem more simple. I hope someone can help! One of the problems I encountered is that I could not find a Qt installation file named "", which the instructions seemed to specify. I did find a file named "" which I used. I'm wondering if this was the right install file to use. I see a note in this forum that "Static linking of Qt requires a license." If this is correct, it explains a lot! In case it is correct, do I have any other options for porting the program to another computer? Thanks in advance.

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    @actor39 said in Newbie needs static compile assistance:

    and I understand I need a second version of Qt, compiled for static development

    No you don't.
    Use windeployqt tool to create a package containing your application and all needed libraries:
    Usually applications are deployed like this. Static builds are not that common.

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