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Item in QListWidget cannot be checked even set the flags

  • Hi, I am trying to make items in QListWidget checkable by user.
    I followed the instructions in Qt Flags reference to set the QListWidgetItem's flags as ItemIsUserCheckable and set the check state.
    However, when running the program, I found the checkboxes for items are grey and uncheckable.

    Here is my code:

    # import pyside2 modules
    app = QApplication()
    widget = QListWidget()
    for i in range(5):
        item = QListWidgetItem(str(i))
    # For comparison
    item = QListWidgetItem('6')
    checkBox = QtWidgets.QCheckBox("This can be checkable")

    The program screen:

    The items[0-4] seems to be uncheckable.
    The last one can be checkable because it is a checkbox item.

    But items[0-4] should be checkable according to the reference and this tutorial

    This is what I want: (Items are strings, not checkboxes)
    88e9b906-4525-4bc5-9a21-1c9229a74134-image.png (picture from the above tutorial )

    So what did I miss? How could I solve it?

    Thanks for any help!

  • @Moon-River
    Note that your tutorial showed the line:

    item->setFlags(item->flags() | Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable);

    You need something like Python:

    item.setFlags(item.flags() | QtCore.Qt.ItemIsUserCheckable)

    else you overwrite all flags, and lose those like Qt::ItemIsEnabled and Qt::ItemIsEditable, etc.

    By default, items are enabled, selectable, checkable, and can be the source of drag and drop operations

  • @JonB
    Wow! Thanks for your help!
    It works! ^_^

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