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Install Android x86 on Qt 5.14.1

  • Hi all,

    I've installed Qt 5.14.1 using the offline installer on Windows. For the Android checkbox, it shows components for both Arm and x86:


    But the kits are seemingly merely Arm, and I can't install Android x86 to build x86-based Android APKs!
    How to work it out, please?


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    @tomy said in Install Android x86 on Qt 5.14.1:

    But the kits are seemingly merely Arm

    No, take a closer look at your last screen-shot - you will see that your Android kit is for x86/x86_64 also.
    So, what exactly does not work?

  • @jsulm
    It seems to be a mixture of a couple of architectures (Armv7, v8a, x86, ... !), but in effect the output is in Arm.
    In the previous versions of Qt, architectures were separate, but now when I build my QtQuick app using that Android kit on At Creator, my device which is able to handle x86 arch merely, can't run the APK file.

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    @tomy thats a change that was introduced to be in compliance with the new aab format that google currently encouraging people to use and is eventually requiring people to use.

    I haven't updated to 5.14 jet, so I'm not entirely sure, but I think you're supposed to select/deselect versions in the project tab of QtCreator

  • @J-Hilk

    Do you mean the part below, please?


    So for any preferable architecture, I need to select it from there and then build the project to have the APK file based on that arch, Ja?

    And we cannot have the v7, v8 and x86 kits separately like before. Right?

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    I think so, yes.

    Like I said I have no experience with it so far

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