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Qtcreator build q5 from git

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    I built my qtcreator from source using cmake-gui because the qt.io package depends upon a glib2 version which I don't have.
    GLib-CRITICAL **: 08:41:18.206: g_hash_table_contains: assertion 'hash_table != NULL' failed
    Now I'm using qtcreator to build qt5 from git. (I can't find the 5.41.2 sources)
    After searching high and low, I added "LICENSE.LGPLv3: to qt.pro. Now Build no longer waits for an 'o'. There is probably a way to send that option to the build process, but I don't know how. Of course it may take all day for the build, but it is running nicely. Just wanted to let others in my boat to know about the qt.pro license option.

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    The Qt sources can be installed from the Online/Offline Installer or the Maintenance Tool.

    If you cloned from git following the procedure you are likely on the dev branch which is for Qt 6. So please checkout the correct tag.

    You can't build Qt by just opening the qt5.pro file. There's the configure script that you have to run.

  • git clone git://code.qt.io/qt/qt5.git
    cd qt5

    I'd like to delete the bit about adding "LICENSE.LGPLv3: to qt.pro". That generates a parse error. I thought I had gotten past the license check, but the build just hangs. I don't know how to pass the -opensource configure flag to qmake. Qt.pro generates all kinds of parse errors.

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    You don't pass that to qmake. As explained earlier, you have to call configure before starting the build of Qt.

    It is explained here.

  • @Psnarf said in Qtcreator build q5 from git:


    Thanks! Thought I could use qtcreator to build q5. That wasn't a smart idea. I skipped to the "Getting the source code" section this time, since the last time I looked at that page, all I saw were the Linux distributions that I'm not running. This time I found the good stuff. Thanks again!

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