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platform vnc - bell

  • Hello,

    I use --platform vnc in my project. I wrote client site (I use libvncclient library). And now, I want beep when I click on pusthButton ( when BTN is clicked I call QApplication::beep();).

    On client site I use callback function BellProc doc, but this callback never raise.

    I don't know if platform vnc support sending beep.
    And how to call beep.

    Tank you for help!

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    From a quick look to the VNC backend code, I haven't seen anything related to that.

    You can check the bug report system to see if there's anything related to that and if not, you can create a feature request for it.

    Note that if you are used to the VNC protocol, you might be quicker in implementing the feature and submit it for a future inclusion :-)

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