Alignment of layout doesn't work

  • Hello.

    I tried to create some buttons and labels in a layout (no matter which layout - vbox, hbox, gridlayout) but it doesn't align. Its position is everytime in the top left corner and I can't change it...

    Code from mainwindow.cpp

        QGridLayout *gLayout = new QGridLayout(this);
        QLabel *headText = new QLabel(this);
        headText->setText("Welcome to your point'n'click adventure");
        QPushButton *startButton = new QPushButton("&Start game",this);

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What version of Qt ?
    On what OS ?
    What is MainWindow ?
    Please provide a complete minimal compilable example that reproduce the behaviour so that people can test.

    On a side note, QGridLayout *gLayout = new QGridLayout(this); already applies the layout on the widget represented by this therefore this->setLayout(gLayout); is redundant. If MainWindow is a QMainWindow, then you can't apply a layout on it because it already has one that provides all the bells and whistles of that class.

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