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Message Type Module for Standard Messaging

  • On Symbian, it is possible to write Messaging plug-in, also known as "Message Type Module (MTM)":http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Message_Type_Modules
    Code example can be "downloaded here":http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/7c838053-2474-4359-979b-591d56738601/S60_3rd_Edition_Creating_Custom_Message_Type_Modules_v1_2_en.zip.html.

    Roughly, the MTM allows developers to create new message types (other than already present sms, msms, email types) that will be handled (opened/edited)
    with a user-defined viewer/editor directly from the standard messaging application shipped with the phone.

    One drawback about the mechanism though, is that the developer has to take care of the "transport/protocol" mechanism (ie, retrieving/sending emails etc.)
    Of course, if the new message type uses sms or mms as "transport", the Symbian API can be used. However, if the new message type is an "email type", there is no way to monitor
    incoming emails to change their type, so user needs to re-code email-protocol (imap,smtp etc.).. tedious process.

    This MTM feature is missing from Qt Mobility.

    On Windows Mobile, it is possible to write plug-in a well for the Standard Messaging application, in a slightly different way.
    The developer can register a callback with the system to get notification when new messages (sms,mms,email - on Symbian it is not possible to monitor emails messages as I stated above)
    Upon notification, we can change message type to force standard messaging application to open/edit message with a user-defined application.
    The main advantage of this mechanism over Symbian MTM is that developer need not recode the "transport/protocol" part if it is already implemented by OS.

    Such a feature would be great in Qt Mobility !

    On Nokia phone, there is as well Nokia Messaging/ Push Email solution. What about similar plug-ins (as described above) for it ??

    I already have MTM implemented on S60 and customers really like it. I hope we can offer the same degree of integration with Qt in the future.

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