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mapboxgl dont work on raspberry pi

  • hi guys i crosscompile Qt on raspberry pi with Ubuntu and i want to make a map with Qml and this is my code:

     Map {
            anchors.fill: parent
            plugin: Plugin{
                    name: "mapboxgl.access_token"
            zoomLevel: 12
            activeMapType: map.supportedMapTypes[map.supportedMapTypes.length-1]
            center: QtPositioning.coordinate(34.08, 49.70) 
            onSupportedMapTypesChanged: {
                for(var i=0; i<=map.supportedMapTypes.length-1; i++){
            onErrorChanged: {

    and when i run it on ubuntu with GCC (5.7) every thing is ok l.
    OutPut log:

    qml: 0:mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v10
    qml: 1:mapbox://styles/mapbox/basic-v9
    qml: 2:mapbox://styles/mapbox/bright-v9
    qml: 3:mapbox://styles/mapbox/outdoors-v10
    qml: 4:mapbox://styles/mapbox/satellite-v9
    qml: 5:mapbox://styles/mapbox/satellite-streets-v10
    qml: 6:mapbox://styles/mapbox/light-v9
    qml: 7:mapbox://styles/mapbox/dark-v9
    qml: 8:mapbox://styles/mapbox/navigation-preview-day-v2
    qml: 9:mapbox://styles/mapbox/navigation-preview-night-v2
    qml: 10:mapbox://styles/mapbox/navigation-guidance-day-v2
    qml: 11:mapbox://styles/mapbox/navigation-guidance-night-v2
    Threaded rendering is not optimal in the Mapbox GL plugin.
    [ INFO ]  "{QSGRenderThread}[General]: GPU Identifier: SVGA3D; build: RELEASE;  LLVM;"

    but when i deployed on my raspberry pi i get nothing i got just a white screen and OutPut log is:

    qml: 1
    qrc:/main.qml:27:9: Unable to assign [undefined] to QDeclarativeGeoMapType*

    the raspberry GCC version is 8.3.0.
    so whats my wrong? help me soon as possible please.

  • i change this line


    to this


    and i got error on string that says:

    qml: The geoservices provider is not supported.

    so i write this function to check which map provider are avaible for me on raspberry and i got this logs when i deployed on Rpi:

     function checkPlugins()
            var plugins = Qt.createQmlObject ('import QtLocation 5.12; Plugin {}', mainwin)
            for (var i = 0; i<plugins.availableServiceProviders.length; i++) {
                var newPlugin = Qt.createQmlObject ('import QtLocation 5.12; Plugin {name: "' + plugins.availableServiceProviders[i]+ '"}', mainwin)
                if (newPlugin.supportsMapping()){
                    console.log(newPlugin.name+" is Avaible.")

    and this logs is when i run on Ubuntu:

    qml: esri is Avaible.
    qml: osm is Avaible.
    qml: mapbox is Avaible.
    qml: here is Avaible.
    qml: itemsoverlay is Avaible.
    qml: mapboxgl is Avaible. 

    so what can i do to add mapboxgl on my Rpi3

  • sorry guys i forgot to add the raspberry pi logs from checkPlugins so:

    qml: here is Avaible.
    qml: itemsoverlay is Avaible.
    qml: osm is Avaible.
    qml: mapbox is Avaible.
    qml: esri is Avaible.

  • please help me guys i need it ):