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Qt Creator resolving symlinks in paths

  • I'm using Qt Creator with an existing build system. In this system we have separate source and build directories. The build directory tree has symlinks to the source directories. In fact there are symlinks everwhere, there's also a symlink added to the source directory back to the build directory. I've set up my Qt Project in the build directory, mainly because our build process generates a lot of source code .

    This mostly works well, but when I click on a build error it generally opens the source file via a symlinked build directory path [unless it is already open via the git path]. I can edit and navigate the file OK. However the git integration no longer works and I have a yellow triangle in the top toolbar saying that the file is outside of any project.

    So I end up with something like


    Is there any way to get Creator to use the canonical name when opening the file?

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    @paulf said in Qt Creator resolving symlinks in paths:

    I've set up my Qt Project in the build directory,

    Do you mean you put your whole project including source code into build directory?
    Or do I miss something.
    The setup you're describing sounds complicated.

  • I mean that when I initially created the project, the "Import Existing Project" directory was the build directory.

    Yes the build system is very complex. It's CMake based, but the CMake files were written to replace an equally complex Make+Perl based system.

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