Question about Qt Test command line options

  • Hey everyone!
    I am trying to run my test suite, and log the results in multiple formats. Here in the docs, it states that "The first version of the -o option may be repeated in order to log test results in multiple formats". However, when I try doing so, it only outputs one format.

    The syntaxes I have tried are:

    project.exe -RunTests -o test_results.xml,xml test_results.txt,txt
    project.exe -RunTests -o test_results.xml,xml -o test_results.txt,txt

    This results in only test_results.txt being produced in both cases.

    Any advice is welcome,


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    @Brynnjolf What happens if you only run

    project.exe -RunTests -o test_results.xml,xml

    (just to test)?

  • Sorry for the late reply. It outputs the test results formatted as an xml.

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