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Which android sdk version

  • Hi,

    I use the latest version of qtcreator 4.11.1 with QT 5.12.4. I downloaded the latest android studio and installed the latest sdk. Qt Creator can't find the needed platform tools.
    Which version of android I have to installt, that qt creator will work?

    Thank you for your help.

  • @msauer751 Hello, I think you have to start Android Studio and go to "Tools/SDK Manager".
    There you have to unkcheck Hide Obsolete Packages, and then select "Android SDK Tools" from the list:

    This should resolve your issue

  • Thank you now it works.

    But the android emulator won't start. I created an AVD with QtCreator. After I do a run application the an window Android Emulator will open without any device window.

    Some time ago all works fine, but with the latest version nothing will work. Is this a problem in Android SDK / Studio or Qt?


  • Now it works all fine.

    On my system I use Linux Mint 19. At first I started VirtualBox with a running virtual machine and the AVD won't start. After I closed the VirtualBox I the AVD will start.


  • @msauer751 Your welcome, please don't forget to mark the thread as solved

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