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installer not working

  • the installer seems to be having trouble with anything related to downloading information.

    At first it was getting stuck trying to download meta data. I finally got past that point and now it is having issues downloading the latest release of Qt 5.14.2.

    I have a very fast fiber optic internet connection...All other internet functions are working fine. I have installed Qt before and never had an issue.

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    @Goddard This is usually caused by bad mirror.
    There is a tool from @JKSH : https://github.com/JKSH/QtSdkRepoChooser
    You can use it to choose a different mirror.

  • Hi, I have the same problem so I tried to follow the suggestion by jsulm.

    I) I go to the link https://github.com/JKSH/QtSdkRepoChooser
    II) There I go to the link under instructions
    III) At step 2 of the new instructions the info links are not there anymore

    So I downloaded the redistributable file:


    But xarchiver gives me this:

    an error occurred please check the store archiver output to see it

    Could you please make instructions on how to install Qt from the redistributable file? I am not sure if the file I downloaded is the right one. I need Qt to be able to install Hashcat gui.



  • Was just a maintenance going on when I was trying to download. Thanks fellas.

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