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Memory leak still present Qt5.12.7 - QML Video

  • Re: Memory leaks in QtMultimedia 5.0 on QML element MediaPlayer and Video?

    Hello all,

    This still seems to be causing an issue... I am running Qt5.12.7 and I have an application very similar in its use case - I have an area of screen that affectively plays a playlist of videos, when the video completes, the QML Video source is updated for the next video file (.mp4) and play is called.

    Im seeing a steady slow memory increase - roughly 5% of memory per hour

    Unfortunately, the target application is required to be operating 24/7

    Any thoughts would be gratefully received


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    The bug mentioned in the post is closed for a long time. Therefore I don't think it's the same bug. So please create a minimal, compilable example and create a proper bug report.

  • The problem is still there in the latest and greatest Qt 5.14.
    There is not really much to argue about reproducing this memory leak, QML Video is just generally leaking. Just try out a Video and try to play different sources after another. The QML Video component will not release its resources for earlier videos and there isn't even a cached property do disable like with QML Image.

    Video even leaks memory, when you rotate the same two videos.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Without a proper bug report (which includes a proper, minimal testcase) I doubt anyone can help you when reporting a bug at https://bugreports.qt.io

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