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Memory leaks in QtMultimedia 5.0 on QML element MediaPlayer and Video?

  • Hi there,

    Not quite sure if this is the right place to post this question. But this is, really, really, driving me crazy... :(

    I'm currently working on a project, in which, I need a simple video player component to constantly play a list of videos. Let's say, I have 8 videos, and want to switch to the next video in the list every 10 seconds.

    I did the test with a very simple code (see below, only writing QML code, leaving other code files in the project as default). When I run this simple test program, it looks like it keeps eating memory without releasing it.

    • on start, it uses only around 60 MB memory (observed simply via Windows Task Manager)
    • 30 minutes later, the memory usage goes up to around 130 MB
    • 3 hours later, this program crashes.

    So the question here is, is this a bug, or am I walking the wrong way?


    Windows 7 SP1, Visual Studio 2010, Qt 5.1.0 32 bit.


    (putting the Timer in QML is only for test purpose...)
    (the maximum video file size is around 8MB, total size of these 8 videos is less than 24 MB)
    import QtQuick 2.0
    import QtMultimedia 5.0

    Rectangle {
    id: window
    width: 800; height:600

    property int        videoIndex: 0
    property variant    videos: ["101.mp4", "102.mp4", "103.mp4", "104.mp4", "105.mp4", "106.mp4", "107.mp4", "108.mp4"]
    Timer {
        interval: 10000  // change the MediaPlayer source every 10 seconds
        running: true
        repeat: true
        onTriggered: {
            console.log("Now switching to " + videos[videoIndex]);
            videoPlayer.stop();  // stop the current MediaPlayer first
            videoPlayer.source = videos[videoIndex];  // change the MediaPlayer source
            videoPlayer.play();  // start play the MediaPlayer
            if(videoIndex < 7)
                videoIndex = 0;
    Rectangle {
        id: bottomRect
        width: window.width; height: window.height
        MediaPlayer {
            id: videoPlayer
            source: "108.mp4"
        VideoOutput {
            id: videoOutput
            source: videoPlayer
            width: parent.width; height: parent.height


    Additionally, I've also tried Video instead of MediaPlayer+VideoOutput. Same issue.

    Any suggestion would be really appreciate.

  • I don't know this is a bug or not, but you could report the bug through this website--"bug report":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/login.jsp?permissionViolation=true&os_destination=/secure/ViewProfile.jspa

    If this is a bug, maybe you could try another api, like the api of openCV, it is pretty easy to use.

  • Thank you, Robot, I've opened a bug for this.

    I'll try some api else, thanks for the tip of openCV.

    If anyone else met the same issue, and happen to have a solution or workaround, please shed some light on this. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi All,

    After futher investigation, i think the issue was more to do with the gstreamer1.0 VA-API plugin.

    Thank you


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