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QTableWidget replace dotted selected row with border

  • For a QTableWidget, I'm trying to replace the default dotted border around a selected row so that it extends to the entire row and is a black border instead. I've searched the forums and google but I can't find any examples of what I want to achieve which is this:


    I tried setting the outline property in the stylesheets but it didn't do anything.
    Does anyone know how to do this?


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    The dotted is actually a focus rect not selection. Different concept.
    you can use a delegate to do custom drawing to get that effect

    class DrawBorderDelegate : public QStyledItemDelegate
        QTableView *table;
        DrawBorderDelegate( QObject *parent, QTableView *theTable ) : QStyledItemDelegate( parent ),
            table(theTable)  {}
        void paint( QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem &option, const QModelIndex &index ) const
            // kill the focus rect
            QStyleOptionViewItem option2 = option; // its const..
            option2.state = option.state & (~QStyle::State_HasFocus);
            QStyledItemDelegate::paint( painter, option2, index );
            // if selected row paint borders
            if (  table->currentIndex().row() == index.row() ) {
                const QRect rect( option.rect );
                painter->setPen(QPen(Qt::red, 2));
                painter->drawLine( rect.topLeft(), rect.topRight() );
                painter->drawLine( rect.bottomLeft(), rect.bottomRight() );
                // Draw left edge of left-most cell
                if ( index.column() == 0 )
                    painter->drawLine( rect.topLeft(), rect.bottomLeft() );
                // Draw right edge of right-most cell
                if ( index.column() == index.model()->columnCount() - 1 )
                    painter->drawLine( rect.topRight(), rect.bottomRight() );
    }; // DrawBorderDelegate
    .. in cpp
     ui->tableWidget->setItemDelegate( new DrawBorderDelegate( this,  ui->tableWidget ) );

    alt text

    Design note. this was fast made so i just gave the QTableWidget as a parameter to know the current row.
    That couples it to that type of view which is not optimal.

  • @mrjj Wow thanks!

  • @mrjj said in QTableWidget replace dotted selected row with border:

    ui->tableWidget->setItemDelegate( new DrawBorderDelegate( this, ui->tableWidget ) );

    I've noticed that border looks thicker on the bottom than the top. Also it looks like the painter doesn't draw over the table grid lines. Why does this happen?

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