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Possible to display lists based on user selection in prior list with PyQT5?

  • Hello,
    I am creating a tool to display information.
    The user will be presented with the following categories (check image below)
    What I want to do is, when the user clicks on one of the categories displayed, the other List Widget ("select one of the following findings:") displays a new LIST. This list will be different depending on what category the user selects prior.
    Then in that LIST, the user will be presented with different Findings sorted by NAME.
    Once a user clicks in a finding he wants, the list (description, remediation and criticality) will populate with information about that one finding he selected.
    Is this possible with PyQT5? Will I have to use another widget?
    Thank you

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    Yes this is possible. Use the currentChange signal of your first view to trigger whatever update is needed for your second view.

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