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QNetworkReply not emitting finished signal

  • Below is a snippet of code from my project. When QUrl consists of the string ( i.e. the url) Official&fmt=ttml&xorb=2&xobt=3&xovt=3 , netReply 's finished signal is never emitted. I have verified this by setting debugging points in the corresponding slot.
    netReply is a pointer of type QNetworkReply
    readyRead and downloadProgress signals are also never emitted.

    void study::searchRequest(QUrl url)
        QNetworkRequest request;
        return ;

    The request never leaves my application because i don't see any HTTP requests in my wireshark capture.
    I am having a very hard time debugging this, if someone could give me some pointers I will be grateful.

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    hi @yourMessiah and welcome

    step one, connect the error signals of QNetworkReply and QNetworkaccessManager to a slot and see if those are triggered

    step two look for infinite loops in your code and remove them

  • @yourMessiah
    step three: capture network traffic (i.e. Wireshark tool) to see what your Qt app is actually sending to that URL and what is receiving, if any.

  • hi @J-Hilk neither the error signal of QNetworkReply is being emitted nor is the finished signal of QNetworkAccessManager is being emitted.
    I am using a single instance of QNetworkAccessManager throughout my application. I declared it in main.cpp and passed its reference to every class needing network access.
    From one class I am accessing and that is working fine.

    I could not find any infinite loops in my application. (If infinite loops existed wouldn't they lead to high CPU usage? I don't experience that when running my application)

  • netReply finished signal is dependent upon the version of the HTTP server you are communicating with. Read the specs on the difference between versions of HTTP. The older version will work and the newer one will probably NOT emit the signal based on the code you provide.

    finished would be emitted when the remote closes the connection. On the newer version the semantics of who closes the session have changed.

  • @Pablo-J-Rogina
    Queries to a local server return fine.

    I have a aws server running at under the domain When i pass the URL as (to searchRequest function) the server returns a response but netReply doesn't emit finished.

    This is when the url is It doesn't send the HTTP request.

    This is when the url is The finished signal is still not emitted.

    Note : I am using Qt 5.12.6 . Should i upgrade to 5.14?

  • @Kent-Dorfman Everything was actually working fine until 2 days ago when I made some changes to my code.
    So the problem is probably not related to the HTTP version.

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