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Qt on embedded linux. How to start ?

  • I am new to embedded development at all, and on qt for embedded too. But have some experience of developing applications on Qt for Windows and some non-qt development on Linux(just basics). Yesterday I receive some interesting dev kit Atmel SAM9m10-g45-ek ( with Linux embedded and windows embedded CE 6 installed on it. So I want to ask you which books(or links) I need to read to configure this device for run my first embedded qt hello-word application ?

  • Provide everything you need to your toolchain. Read the Qt documentation on how to compile Qt, creating a qmake.conf file if needed. configure with the build options you want and compile. Once libs are ready, you can configure Qt Creator to compile using your toolchain and the libraries you just compiled.
    Deploy both the libraries and your app and run with ./yourappname -qws and you should see it.
    Qt documentation contains almost all the details you need to run these steps.

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