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Acess an element of QList<QObject*> that we exposed to QML

  • Hello,
    If i expose a list of objects in QML, is there anyway to acess an element of my list in QML. For example,
    i expose my list of object like this to my QML:


    I i try to make that call in QML


    It returns me the error : "Cannot call method 'setManipTimeStartFromDB' of undefined"

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    @Babs said in Acess an element of QList<QObject*> that we exposed to QML:


    did you mark it as Q_INVOKABLE ?

  • @J-Hilk yes i did

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    @Babs you don't give much information some code would be helpful

    you said, list of objects, QObject? (as base class)
    did you add the Q_OBJECT macro ?

  • @J-Hilk i did that also.
    So here is my class Planning

    class Planning: public QObject
        Q_PROPERTY(int doseParameter READ doseParameter WRITE setDoseParameter NOTIFY doseParameterChanged)
        Q_PROPERTY(int numOfSteps READ numOfSteps WRITE setNumOfSteps NOTIFY numOfStepsChanged)
        Q_PROPERTY(double distance READ distance WRITE setDistance NOTIFY distanceChanged)
        Q_PROPERTY(int timeBetweenSteps READ timeBetweenSteps WRITE setTimeBetweenSteps NOTIFY timeBetweenStepsChanged)
        Q_PROPERTY(QString startManipTime READ startManipTime WRITE setStartManipTime  NOTIFY startManipTimeChanged)
        Q_PROPERTY(QTime startHour READ startHour WRITE setStartHour NOTIFY startHourChanged)
        Q_PROPERTY(QTime endHour READ endHour WRITE setEndHour NOTIFY endHourChanged)
        Q_PROPERTY(QTime tempsMesure READ tempsMesure WRITE setTempsMesure NOTIFY tempsMesureChanged)
        Q_PROPERTY(QString userName READ userName WRITE setUserName NOTIFY userNameChanged)
        explicit Planning(QObject *parent=Q_NULLPTR);
        int doseParameter() const;
        int numOfSteps() const;
        double distance() const;
        int timeBetweenSteps() const;
        QString startManipTime() const;
        QMap<int,Palier*> getPaliers();
        QTime startHour() const;
        QTime endHour() const;
        QTime tempsMesure() const;
        QString userName() const;
    public slots:
        void setDoseParameter(int doseParameter);
        void setNumOfSteps(int numOfSteps);
        void setDistance(double distance);
        void setTimeBetweenSteps(int timeBetweenSteps);
        void manageManipStartTime(QDateTime &time);
        Q_INVOKABLE void setManipTimeStartFromDB(void);
        void addPalier(Palier *pal);
        void addPalier(int iD, int value, int debitDose, double distance,qint64 iraTime, QString iraStart, QString iraEnd, QString mesTime);
        Q_INVOKABLE void defineStartDay(int hours,int minutes,int seconds);
        Q_INVOKABLE void defineEndDay(int hours,int minutes,int seconds);
        Q_INVOKABLE void defineMesureTime(int hours,int minutes,int seconds);
        bool isInTimeRange(QString startIra,QString endIra);
        qint64 maxPossibleSecondsToAdd(void);
        qint64 maxPossibleSecondsToSubstract(void);
        void shiftDate(QDateTime &endTime);
        void shiftTime(QDateTime &end);
        void manageFirstStep(QDateTime &startIradTime, QDateTime &endIradTime,qint64 &iraTime);
        void manageOtherSteps(QDateTime &startIradTime, QDateTime &endIradTime,qint64 &iraTime);
        Q_INVOKABLE void updatePlanning(void);
        Q_INVOKABLE void calculatePlanning(void);
        Q_INVOKABLE void addValue(double value,int index);
        int calculIradiationTime(double valuePalier);
        void setStartManipTime(QString startManipTime);
        void setStartHour(QTime startHour);
        void setEndHour(QTime endHour);
        Q_INVOKABLE void resetPaliers(void);
        bool isonWorkTime(QDateTime &dateTime);
        void updateAllPlanning();
        bool endIsWeekDay(QDateTime end);
        QDateTime calculateEndDate(QDateTime &startDateTime, qint64 duration);
        void setTempsMesure(QTime tempsMesure);
        Q_INVOKABLE void addToDatabase(void);
        void setUserName(QString userName);
        void doseParameterChanged(int doseParameter);
        void numOfStepsChanged(int numOfSteps);
        void distanceChanged(double distance);
        void timeBetweenStepsChanged(int timeBetweenSteps);
        void startManipTimeChanged(QString startManipTime);
        void prePalierAdded();
        void postPalierAdded();
        void prePalierRemoved(int index);
        void postPalierRemoved();
        void startHourChanged(QTime startHour);
        void endHourChanged(QTime endHour);
        void tempsMesureChanged(QTime tempsMesure);
        void userNameChanged(QString userName);
        QDateTime m_start;
        QDateTime m_end;
        int m_doseParameter;
        int m_numOfSteps;
        double m_distance;
        int m_timeBetweenSteps;
        QString m_startManipTime;
        QMap<int,Palier*> m_paliers;
        QMap<int,int> m_valeursPaliers;
        QTime m_startHour;
        QTime m_endHour;
        QString m_startTime;
        QTime m_tempsMesure;
        QString m_userName;
    #endif // PLANNING_H

    I expose a list of Planning to my QML.

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    @Babs well, are you sure, the list is not empty when you try to access it?

    what does length say ?

  • @J-Hilk thanks you. The list was empty.

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