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LIBC.lib missing Link Error

  • I've been working on a project using the default Desktop Qt 5.14.0 MinGW 32-bit build kit. I needed to use QWebEngineWidgets, but they were not available in that kit, so I switched to another default kit Desktop Qt 5.14.0 MSVC2017 32bit. However, with this kit, i cannot build the project due to the missing LIBC.lib error.

    Researching this further, I found that the LIBC.lib is an old, deprecated library, and in fact, the MinGW kit did not include it either....

    I'm sure others have had similar issues. Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem will be appreciated.

  • It appears there is no answer to this issue, short of getting a different version of the lib that is calling LIBC.lib or rewriting any code you have that depends on it.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The third solution is to build it with the compiler you are using for your project.

    Where did you get that library from ?

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