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Unable to add class to class diagram

  • I am unable to add a class from project A to the class diagram of project B. Both projects are in the same solution and build. The project B has project A as a reference. I have tried several ways to add the class from project A (dragging the class from the class view, ....) and always get the message

    "One or more of the selected items cannot be added to the class diagram. This may be due to several limitations of the tool, click help for more information."

    Clicking help displays a web page that is not useful.

    Any suggestions?

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    You might want to add more information like the tool you are using as well as a screenshot of the error you are getting.

  • I am using VS 2019 Professional, using the Class View view. I added the Class Designer tool to my installation .


  • @matone1 and how is this issue related to Qt framework?

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