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Android Qt Widgets rendering black background in some times

  • Hello, i use Qt Widgets 5.14.1 for my Android App. I know QML is the better option, but for the first tests i want use Qt Widgets.
    My App Ui has only 2 QPushButtons and a QListWidget and one QLabel. I have the problem that in some times the background is black for many seconds at my phone Android 5.1.1.
    At the simulator the app works fine.
    Is this a general problem with Qt Widgets or should i try an other phone (I have only the one now ;-()

  • Hello, i have tested a sample app to be sure that my code is not the problem (tetrix is not useful on a phone but show my problem same as in my app)
    I have installed the android-build-debug.apk because i cant install the release .aab file.
    I used the compiler: Android für armeabi-v7a,arm64-v8a,x86,x86_64 (Clang Qt 5.14.1 for Android)
    and: android-ndk-r21 / sdk android-29
    My phone is a ZTE AXON Mini (Snapdragon-615) Android 5.1.1
    Any help what is wrong ?

    Screenshot_2020-03-08-09-39-17.jpg Screenshot_2020-03-08-09-39-11.jpg

  • I don't know, but as your Android is very old, it could be that older versions of Android SDK and NDK could work better... And as for Qt, the latest versions for Android seem to be full of bugs for Android, so I'd try an older version for that too (which would mean Android tools for that version).

    There could of course be issues with the device. I'd try changing its GPU & related settings even if they would in theory have no role here.

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