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Inspect element (Html code) using QWebEngineView

  • Hello, is it possible to display a web page into a QWebEngineView, click on an element in the page, and get the corresponding HTML code of the element ? Like when right-clicking "Inspect" on a element in Chrome.

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    if you actually want to inspect the element, qtwebengine provides debug tools via a desktop chrome browser

  • I don't need the debug tools window (like the one you get with F12 in chrome), I just want to get the html source of the clicked element.

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    ok, then there is only the way using QtWebChannel.
    You will need to inject the webchannel bootstrapping JS and your custom JS (which then actually does all the work and sends - for example the innerHTML property of a DOM element back to your C++ class via the webchannel)

    There are already some examples here in the forum, how to bootstap QtWebChannel

    QWebEnginePage* page = ...
    QWebChannel* myChannel = new QWebChannel(page);
    channel->registerObject( "myCppObj", myCppObj); // myCppObj should be an QObject with properties and invokable methods
    // make sure qwebchannel.js is executed, or automatically injected for all sites
    // -> load page

    For automatic injection of JS code see here:

    const char s_qWebChannelAdditionalScript[] = "new
    QWebChannel(qt.webChannelTransport, function(channel) {"
                                                 "  window.exported_object =
    QWebEngineProfile *WebEngineView::prepareProfile()
        QWebEngineProfile *profile = new QWebEngineProfile("Profile", this);
        // Preparing qwebchannel.js for injection
        QFile qWebChannelJsFile(":/qtwebchannel/qwebchannel.js");
        if(! {
            MY_ERROR("Failed to load qwebchannel.js with error: " +
        } else {
            QByteArray qWebChannelJs = qWebChannelJsFile.readAll();
            QWebEngineScript script;
        return profile;

  • @raven-worx
    May I pick you up on this, as it seems it may be totally germane to an issue I am presently struggling with?

    As briefly as possible. I am about to launch out on an area where we have decided to use QWebEnginePage with JavaScript to offer something (chart drawing from a JS library). Unlike from C++ or PyQt, we are using PySide2 and that does not implement the methods which involve a "callback" from JS code to Qt code, e.g. none of the QWebEnginePage::runJavaScript() overloads which use QWebEngineCallback<const QVariant &> &resultCallback. The PySide2 folks are aware of this missing feature, but have decided to do nothing about it and offer no workaround.

    As I understand it, that means I will be able to push JS stuff to QWebEnginePage OK, but will not be able to read anything back from it, should I need to? Which worries me. Are you saying that if I read up on QWebChannel I will be able to use that to get stuff out from running JS in the page? Thank you.

  • @raven-worx Alright, thanks for the sample code :)

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    @JonB said in Inspect element (Html code) using QWebEngineView:

    Are you saying that if I read up on QWebChannel I will be able to use that to get stuff out from running JS in the page? Thank you.

    yes. communication is serialized via QtWebChannel from JS code to C++ code (QObject) and vice versa.
    The JS code then can call invokable methods and access the QObjects properties and connect to its signals. See the examples

  • Can you provide please a simple code to clear the local storage ?

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    @Belfix How is your question related to this thread?

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