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Qt components and Symbian blank screen

  • Hi,

    The latest version of my apps MusicCircles and MusicCircles Lite were approved by Ovi QC, and I've got reports from users that it launches with a blank screen. I'm pretty sure this is due to Qt-components not being installed in their system. Of course, smart installer should make sure of this, but I found 2 things:

    First my .pro file had:

    CONFIG += qtquickcomponents

    instead of:
    CONFIG += qt-components

    I'm not really sure where that came from, and I believe earlier versions did work for people (at least I got no reports...). Any one seen this, should it work with either or only the second?
    Is it possible that older versions of the SDK used qtquickcomponents instead of qt-components, or maybe that's a harmattan thing?
    Also, to fill this post with more questions... Why wasn't this picked up by Ovi QC? (judging by the comments there seem to be many apps with this problem in the ovi store...)


  • In my app =, the problem is that the symbian components run on symbian^3 PR1.2 or more, in the oldest symbian^3 appears a black screen, the solution is that the user update their phone to the new version of the symbian (Personally,I dont know why Nokia doesnt upgrade their phones equally all )

  • Thanks for the information!

    The strange thing is that the user is on Belle...

  • It´s very, very,very strange, because nokia try the apps in nokia 500, 600, 700, 701 and this phones have belle, if they have a black screen your app not pass the ovi QC, if pass works ok in belle. Is not the user will have an unofficial version of belle? (sorry my english is a little bad)

  • Yes, that's what I would have thought.

    But maybe it's related to not having qt-components installed (I get a black screen if I uninstall qt-components). So maybe qt-components weren't installed on his system, and smart installer was not installing them.

    I have uploaded a new version which should make smart installer check for qt-components properly.

  • I haven't tested on the ovi store, but I've solved the problem on my symbian phone if I follow the instructions here:

    For some reason the smart installer has to be forced into downloading qt components. I think this is a bug, where can it be filed?

  • Shouted victory too soon... The smart installer does install something this time, but no luck running the app...

  • After a reboot, the app is working!

    I think this is probably due to me being on linux so I'm using a somewhat older symbian toolchain, so I still have the bug reported here:

    I really wish the Qt SDK included the symbian toolchain for linux!

  • I think I finally found the problem...

    On Symbian Belle, Qt uses version 4.7.4 whcih includes Qt components version 1.1. This version does not allow using:

    import Qt.labs.components.native 1.0


    I haven't fully tested from the ovi store yet, but I'm pretty certain this is the problem. Just wanted to write here in case people are banging their heads against walls like me...

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