Debug error for in qgridlayoutengine.cpp

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to using qml and qt, and have just come across an error that is causing "the program has unexpectedly finished". I ran the debug and came across this error:
    "qgridlayoutengine.cpp:141:23: error: unknown type name 'QGridLayoutBox'".

    which is in the "void QGridLayoutRowData::distributeMultiCells" function of the cpp file.

    I have looked through my qml code, which does include a grid layout, but I cannot see any errors. I have also deleted my most recent changes (to when it was working correctly), but the same error keeps appearing.

    I don't have any experience using a debugger, can anyone lead me in the right direction for where to look in my code for an error? Thanks in advance.

  • I fixed it - so this is for anyone else having a similar issue. I'm not sure why this happened but in a RowLayout, I had a button that used Layout.prefferedWidth + Layout.prefferedHeight. relative to its parent - and this caused the error. Deleting the lines worked, but when I was checking with just 1 of them, I got a 'binding loop' error for the prefferedWidth - I'm guessing multiple of these caused it to crash.

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