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Qt 5 with VS Community - Really worth it?

  • Hi,
    I've been mainly working with Qt Creator but have learned that you can run Qt from with Visual Studio Community.
    From a search in here, I see that many people do it.

    Question - Is it worth it?
    Do you miss out on any significant features that come with Standard Qt?
    Are there any advantages over running standard Qt Creator?


  • Well, Qt is a framework, a set of libraries. Qt Creator is an IDE, so is Visual Studio. Using a framework / library does not depend on the used IDE, you can still use Qt if editing your code with notepad...
    You won't miss any Qt feature by switching to another editor, you will just miss the Qt Creator ones.

  • Okay, thanks for that.

    Which features, for example, might Qt Creator have that VSC does not have?

    For simplicity, I'm considering jumping across to VSC just to reduce the number of IDEs on my machine.

    Just wondering if it's worth it.


  • Moderators

    for example the Designer (widget and qml)

    the build in documentation (F1) and the examples also come to mind

  • @J-Hilk said in Qt 5 with VS Community - Really worth it?:


    also the UML Models designer

  • Okay... I think I'll just stick with Qt Creator for the mo'
    I'll make a judgement call later.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Though VS has a Qt plugin, I am not sure how easy it is to add mocable classes from within the IDE. I have only worked on projects where some of the people use Qt Creator and others use VS. In that case we had to add new files in the qmake project file anyway. Somehow, importing the qmake project with the Visual Studio Qt plugin is really slow. It is a lot faster converting your project file using qmake on the command line.

    For larger projects IntelliSense might be a little faster than code completion and syntax highlighting in Qt Creator. Also, the debugger in VS it a lot better than the one integrated with Qt Creator. Looking at the value of a variable in Qt Creator might take minutes whereas it is always instantaneous in VS. Also, you can click on a line until which the debugger should continue in VS without setting a new temporary breakpoint.

    One advantage of Qt Creator for normal development is that if you have output to std::cout it will show in the output pane of Qt Creator. You have to jump through hoops to see console output in VS. Regular printf debugging is a lot easier with Qt Creator.

    I personally use Qt Creator most of the time (coming from Linux). Only occasionally do I use VS for debugging. My collegue prefers VS, though.

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