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QUiLoader in Embedded Linux

  • Dear Sir,

    I make a custom widget plugin and use it in Designer. Also I use QUiLoader to recreate it in Qt Desktop Linux under Ubuntu. All of them work perfect. However, now I want to use QUiLoader to recreate it in Embedded Qt. I always get the following message:
    "QFormBuilder was unable to create a custom widget of the class 'MyButton' ; defaulting to base class 'QWidget'.

    I am sure that I put my plugin(xxx.so) under the directory where pluginPaths() shows. I use availableWidgets() to confirm "MyButton". And it doen't exist. Is there anything I can check and adjust?


    1. My Qt version is v4.7.2
    2. I build uitools to my Embedded Qt with static by myself

  • I have solved this problem when I using shared library.

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