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"Publishing is currently not possible" ?

  • Hello,

    I've made an application in Qt & QtQuick (for Symbian), and now I want to publish it to the store.
    But when I go in QtCreator (2.3.1) to Build > Publish Project, it says "Publishing is currently not possible for project".
    My project target is the remote compiler (Symbian^1, Qt 4.7.3).

    Does anybody know why publishing is not possible?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Sorry, no idea.

    I would guess there would be some explanation on the publishing pages available at https://publish.ovi.com/login . Unfortunately I do not have access there:-)

  • Well I didn't find that much helpful information there :/ But thanks for the idea :)
    I hope somebody else can help?

  • I think you will get an answer faster by just trying to contact the people running ovi store directly. There should be a contact link somewhere in teh developer area...

  • you have to create an acount to https://publish.ovi.com/login and then you follow the steps there, the register cost 1 euro, you cant publish nothing in the ovi store directly in the Qt-Sdk, you must to create the acount in the ovi publish. then you send your aplication to the ovi and they sign you your aplication for free.

    the remote compiler is only for other people thas is in specific program, I dont know what, try your aplication in the case that you dont have the mobile phone.

    I think this is what you asked, I hope this help you,
    (Sorry for my bad english, XD)

  • tommyj23: AFAIK there is a publish option right there in Qt Creator;-) I have never used it myself though, so I can't say how well it works in practice.

  • I had published my app using the publish option in Qt Creator. After adding the id given by Nokia and selecting the Qt platform it should create the sis file ready to be submitted for QA testing. But does S60 5th edition currently support Qt Quick applications ?

  • S60 5th edition don't support Qt Quick components though it should support generic Qt Quick. If you have used Qt Quick components, may be that is the reason.

  • Tobias Hunger: Yes, this option is to make the .sis package and later you can submit the aplication in the OVI but you cant submit the aplication directly in the Qt-creator, you should have to make an account in the ovi publish

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