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Error: Android deploy settings file not found, not building an APK

  • Using 5.13.2 with Windows QtCreator. Example projects build and deploy to device, but one of our apps builds fine, but causes the error displayed above. I can post more information, but not sure where to start. Are we missing something simple?

  • Through trial and error, I am now able to build the APK by removing CONFIG += debug_and_release from the .pro

  • I ran into this same problem. After fighting with it for an hour or so, it went away when I exited and restarted Qt Creator. Apparently it was a state corruption of some sort in the Qt Creator Android plugin.

  • using 5.14.2 qt creator
    i am not able to solve error

  • This is very weird. I got the same error on Qt 5.14.2 and I spent many hours to find a way for it. It didn't build APK. I restarted PC, restarted Qt, cleared builds and got the error.. Today I tried it again, First it gave the same error. Then I created an empty QML project. Ran it on Android. After it ran successfully, I opened my project.. And it works! I don't know why it works after running empty project.
    I get this kind of weird errors time by time. I hope Qt Creator will be more stable for next versions.

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