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QImage + iOS open from locale path

  • Hello, I'm write application for iOS. I get image path via QML FileDialog ("file:assets-library://asset/asset.JPG%3Fid=C6E6...77E9&ext=JPG")) and send to C++, I get message "Image not load". what I do wrong ?

        FileDialog {
            id: fileDialog
            title: "Please choose a file"
            selectExisting: true
            onAccepted: {
            onRejected: {


    void ImageProcessor::processImage_file(const QString &path)
        QString assetsPath=path;
        QImage myImage;
        QUrl url(assetsPath);
        assetsPath = url.toLocalFile();
        if( !myImage.isNull()) 
        else qDebug()<<"Image not load";

  • I have same issue, I used Filedialog as below:

     FileDialog {
                                id: fileOpenDialog
                                title: "Select an image file"
                                folder: Qt.platform.os == "ios" ? :shortcuts.documents
                                nameFilters: [ "Image files (*.png *.jpeg *.jpg)" ]
                                onAccepted: {
                                    avatar.source = fileOpenDialog.fileUrl;

    But when I try to choose an image from iOS device, the path is
    qml: file:assets-library://asset/asset.HEIC%3Fid=CC95F08C-88C3-4012-9D6D-64A413D254B3&ext=HEIC
    Then I can't open it in Image as set avatar.source = fileOpenDialog.fileUrl;
    Anyone have solution?

  • Then I try get a PNG file instead HEIC, but I still got error, and there is a strange thing, this is my log:

    qml: file:assets-library://asset/asset.PNG%3Fid=C8465D9C-B920-4400-9C92-2B34ADD5127C&ext=PNG
    qrc:/pages/UserInfoPopUp.qml:156:21: QML Image: Error decoding: file:assets-library://asset/asset@3x.PNG%3Fid=C8465D9C-B920-4400-9C92-2B34ADD5127C&ext=PNG: Unsupported image format

    I don't know why as log, I passed asset.PNG but actually image got asset@3x.PNG
    Anyone has idea and solution for these?

  • More information about environment:
    Qt 5.14.0
    Xcode 11.3.1
    iOS simulator: iPhone 6 13.3

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