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Problem With The QGraphicsView fitInView.

  • Dear All,
    I am having a layout.
    On the top we have a QLabel then we have QGraphicsView in mid and then again we have QLabel in down in QVBoxLayout.
    Previously we have the fitInView which works normally. so we dont have any issues.
    Now with the down QLabel we now started word wrapping . Now my QGraphicsView does not fitinView Properly.

    I tried to reimplement the resizeEvent then implement fitInView in that but this also does not solve my problem.

    What i understood somehow layout change due to word wrapping of the label does not update so fitInVIew does not work
    I am sure about this because if we resize manually the layout fitInView works perfectly.

    Please if someone has any idea how can we resolve this?

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    Since you marked the thread as solved, can you explain how you solved your issue ?

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