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Output Path of Qt Creator

  • Hallo,
    I usually using MSVC++ with Qt Plugin.
    But now I used Qt Creator to compile a dll.
    Now my problem is: The Qt Creator put my dll NOT in the Project Folder like MSVC++ and worse IT only tells you the a small part of the Path. So I can't find it.

    Where the hack is the Creator putting the binaries?
    it displayed: release\QtColorWidgets-Qt52.dll
    it can be everywhere. it could be so easy if the qt creator would have postet the absolute path of the location like MSVC++ does.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @SeppyQT It is simple actually: the build directory is in the same directory where your project directory is located.
    In in such situations you can simply search for the dll to get the full path (either in Explorer or in cmd.exe).

  • @jsulm

    thanks, It was in the parent directory.

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