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Swipe left for back on iOS

  • How can one catch the 'swipe left' gesture on iOS that results in popping the current "page" of the stack. I want to redirect this gesture to a custom function and disable the "pop" action.

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    hi @Georges007 and welcome, can you be a bit more specific?

    For Qt, the swipe to left for stack pop is not a default behavior, in fact afaik its not detected by default at all.

  • When you swipe left on an iOS device there is a native functions that pops the current page of the stack (interactivePopGestureRecognizer). There is a way of overriding this when you use the native iOS developer, but I can't seem to find a way to do this from Qt.

    I'm working on an app that runs on both Android and iOS and the iOS user have reported that the "swipe left" gesture pops off the current page, which is not the intended behavior for the app.

    Here is how you can do it with the iOS developer. So I was wondering how one should go about doing this with Qt as I want to redirect the "swipe left" gesture that triggers this pop to a native function that is more suited for my app.

    For android I already have a function to redirect the native back button:

    // native back button
        onClosing: {
            if (mainRoot.depth > 1) {
                close.accepted = false

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    Are you using Felgo?

  • No, not using Felgo

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