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Can I create QTcpServer in another thread?

  • I want to create qtcpserver in a separate netns. So I create it like this.

    QTcpServer *x11Server = nullptr;
    std::thread thread1([&]{
            if(setns(open("/var/run/UE", O_RDONLY), CLONE_NEWNET)){
            x11Server = new QTcpServer;
            x11Server->listen(QHostAddress::Any, 6010);
    connect(x11Server, &QTcpServer::newConnection, [=]{

    I put it in another thread to avoid setns influencing current main thread.
    In later code I will connect x11Server's sinal with something. Is this safe?

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    You definitely can create QTcpServer in another thread, it is safe and supported scenario. I am not sure if using std::thread for this purpose is good:

    • will it spin a new QEventLoop for that thread? I doubt it
    • connect() likely won't know that QueuedConnection has to be used - you need to remember to set it manually for all inter-thread connections (it's a good practice anyway)

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    Going from the user in this thread

    I would say using Signal&Slots from an std::thread is near impossible 🤷‍♂️

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    Good to know, thanks.

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