Problem about building ActiveX Server in Qt, register failed.

  • I got the code of bouncer which in "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4", I can complie it but while register the dll with command line "regsvr32 bouncer.dll", it shows that some error that DllRegisterServer fail, and error code 0x80040200, do you know why? And one more question, does Qt open source version support QAxServer?

    PS. I use Qt SDK 4.7.3.

  • Hi

    AFAIK, Qt open source supports all features of Qt :-)
    But registering the dlls means, the dll is lopaded. This implies loading Qt libaries. If they are not found, registering fails.

  • Thank you, Gerolf.

    But I can't image how to register the activex dll, can you send me some information to read?

    I want to know:

    1. How to create a Qt ActiveX project?
    2. How to register the Qt complied ActiveX DLL?
    3. What DLLs should be used together with Qt complied ActiveX?

  • Going back from 3 to 1:

    1. You can use dependecyViewer from MS to check, which dlls are really needed.
    2. regsvr32 <dllname> registers a COM dll
    3. see the docs :-)

  • additional question... if the dll has been successfully registered with command regsvr32.exe but the server is not running.
    what could be the reason?

    I'm using Qt5.2.0, IE 11 (with enabled execution of ActiveX objects), Win7.

    I have another one close issue - I use Qt add-on for MS VS 2012 and an example from Blancshet's book Qt4.5 GUI is not built if I leave QAxAggregated *AxBouncer::createAggregate() in the project, some strange errors appears:

    error C2908: explicit specialization;
    'T qobject_cast<QWidget*>(QObject *)' has already been instantiated

    how to make it work? (atm, I throw away this security interface).

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    Please don't reopen such an old thread with new questions, open a new thread or even several if you have multiple questions.

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