How to set up MSVC 2017 compiler for Qt with Visual Studio Community 2019?

  • Hi everyone, I have installed QT creator and want to start with a simple cmake project...
    I have also installed Visual studio community 2019 and selected the "MSVC v141 - VS 2017 C++ -x64/-x86- Buildtools (v14.16)" so it is installed alongside the VS 2019 buildtools.
    Now to create a project in QT creator using the "Desktop QT 5.12.6 MSVC2017 64bit" Kit, because the 2019 one is not available for install. QT tells me to select the compiler for this kit, but in the kit settings > C++ compiler > there are only the 2019 compilers and not the 2017 compilers. 2019 ones dont work, it says "might produce not compatible code".
    How can I fix this? why does QT not find the right compilers?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIR VS2019 should be backward compatible with 2017 so you should be able to use it with your 2017 build of Qt.

  • No, it does not for me, I have tried all the compilers available (seen in the picture), but Qt accepts none of them.


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    The one you have selected in your picture is ok. Don't mind the warning icon. It will work fine.

  • Hmm, did I forget something then? I can not select this kit:


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    If you hover over the warning icon, what information do you get ?

  • Got it working now, problem was with cmake, I assumed that it would also use the cmake installed through visual studio installer, but it did not, so I installed separate cmake. now it works.
    The warning Icon shows actually that message "compiler might produce not compatible code". Its still not gone after the cmake installation, but it is possible to select the kit now.
    thank you for replies.

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