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Every one pro Help me! Develop an APP for Nokia.

  • I'ts very dificult to develop an application for Nokia.

    I've install all of packages, that downloaded from qt.nokia.com.

    I want to write an application to read and send SMS message on nokia mobile.

    But, now, all of them not work, A lot of errors happened.

    If i don't use QtMobility library, all work fine. When I enable QtMobiliy on my app, project work fine on Qt simulator, but doesn't work on symbian device (OS-Related Error).
    Help me please!

    Thanks you very much!

  • have you installed qtmobility.sis on the device?

  • if instead of directly running the application from qt creator , you manually install the sis file on the phone it will tell you what packages you are missing .

  • Did you add all required capabilities?

  • Thanks for all reply!
    Please help me, I like Nokia, I want to devolop Nokia APP very much.
    I did all this step:
    . Install QtMobility to symbian device

    .Install Qt to symbian device

    .Instal SqLite to symbian device

    . Install Active Perl

    . Install and update CarbIDE.c++ 2.3

    . Install QT (All versions I've downloaded)

    Follow guide on qt.nokia.com to install QTMobily API:
    add QT command Promt
    c:>cd c:\QtMobility
    c:\QtMobility>cd qt-mobility-symbian-opensource-1.0.2

    c:\QtMobility\cd qt-mobility-symbian-opensource-1.0.2>configure -prefix c:\QtMobility\cd qt-mobility-symbian-opensource-1.0.2\INSTALL

    then: mingw32-make, mingw32-make install

  • Reasons why your install might fail,

  • Thanks you very much, I understand!!

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